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A lot of factors contribute to the success of any business venture like having the right product for the market, knowing how to sell effectively, effective management of your team, operations, good leadership.

Over 90% of new businesses fail. Most of them fail not because it’s a bad business idea

Hi, I’m Tobi Okunuga, founder of Growth House.
Just like you, i’m a startup entreprenuer still getting the hang of this rough course called entrepreneurship. I started Growth House to share my discoveries as i learn to build a business that is profitable and succcessful.
I started with zero in my bank account without a clear plan of what i really want to achieve and a little knowledge of online marketing.

I quickly discovered that i need to up my online marketing game and build a structure for the business so that i can sustain it and grow.

Over the Months, i have learnt, tried and burnt my fingers carrying out lots of experiments – i’m here to share that with with you.


I realized that it takes more than knowing how to get clients and generating sales to build a profitable business: structure and operations must be considered. The founder/CEO has to be in good psychological and physical shape too.

When all this factors are put together – Marketing, Operational Structure then it will be easy to grow a successful business.

I run a free weekly newsletter where i share results of my various experiments and i think that might be something you will be interested in based on what you are currently doing